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An energy-independent Michigan is a stronger Michigan.

AMP believes we can secure our energy future and boost our economy by moving Michigan toward greater energy independence. We must assure Michigan’s ability to produce our own electricity and not become overly reliant on out-of-state energy sources.

A greater focus on energy independence will also enable Michigan-owned and -operated energy companies to accelerate development of modernized infrastructure, create more jobs, and increase investment in our local communities.

Michigan’s energy independence requires common-sense solutions:
  • Electric Deregulation. Michigan needs reasonable regulations that encourage new energy development and reliable service—provided by local companies that are part of our community. Learn More.
  • Renewable Energy. Developing in-state sources of renewable energy will put Michigan at the forefront of energy innovation, ensure we are able to meet our own energy needs now and in the future, and allow Michigan families and communities to reap the benefits of local investment. Learn more.
  • Environmental Policy. AMP supports the production of energy for Michiganders by Michiganders and believes common-sense environmental solutions will preserve our natural resources, strengthen our economy, and secure our energy independence. Learn more
  • Smart Grid/Automated Meters. Upgrading our electrical grid will make Michigan’s energy supply more efficient and reliable, support smart conservation efforts, and help customers take greater responsibility for measuring and managing their energy consumption. Learn more